As Spring has arrived and Summer is fast approaching our team of talented chefs have taken to the kitchen to create a new Spring / Summer menu. Meat Market is known for its farm friendly menu and this season is no different. With the change of season come inspiration and the fresh flavours of spring burst to life on Meat Market’s new “lunch riverside” spring lunch specials.

Some dishes that will feature include;  Grilled iceberg lettuce with thick cut bacon anchovy mayonnaise, sourdough croutons, parmesan cheese and a soft boiled egg. This dish is the perfect combination or texture and flavour. With crunchy iceberg lettuce matched with salty bacon the anchovy mayonnaise and soft boiled egg are  the perfect accompaniment to this summery dish.

That’s Amore buffalo mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes and basil with baby capers and Mt. Zero lemon oil – This dish can be described in 4 words fresh & aromatic flavour. This dish makes the perfect start on any warm day.

Champagne poached free range Chicken breast, mango coulis and yellow curry powder, onion and  roasted macadamias. – This dish is for sure going to be a favourite over summer with the fruity flavours.


Other feature dishes that are sure to delight include:  Tasmanian Ocean Trout confit with kipfler potato, dill, caper and horseradish & Black barley salad with grilled asparagus, nectarines, cucumber, spring onion and roasted macadamias.

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