What are Butcher’s Cuts?
When butchers were being paid very little for their craft the owners of the butchers would allow the workers to take home certain cuts of meat that they didn’t think they could sell like the flatiron, petit tender, skirt and hanger.  I like to think that butcher’s cut means that they are hard to get or cuts that the butchers don’t like to let go as all of them are great pieces of meat.


Why are Butcher’s Cuts becoming more prominent?
Chefs and hospitality venues who are all about farm to fork and who are looking to reduce wastage.  By using using the less popular cuts of meat it means less of the animal ends up in the bin which is great for sustainability.


I like my steak rare, what’s the best temperature to have these cuts?
Petit tender, Hanger, Flatiron and the inside skirt should all really be cooked to medium-rare or medium max so that you get the most flavour from the meat  and it doesn’t shrink too much from loss of moisture.  Rare is fine.


Where can I get these steaks for home?
Specialty butchers will have them on hand but otherwise they’ll need to be specially ordered.  Like I said, the butchers like to keep them for themselves!