What’s Hanging


The newest addition at Meat Market is our purpose built meat locker. You’ll see this as soon as you walk through the door, clad in corrugated iron and glass, this allows us to hold and display a large selection of dry aged meats, house made sausages, and any other fantastic cuts our chef and his team have come across.

Dry ageing or hanging meat has been practised by man since we first started eating it, but what most people don’t realise, is that all meat is hung for a small amount of time to help the muscles relax – much like resting a piece of cooked meat. Dry ageing for extended periods of time helps concentrate flavours and enhance that grass fed flavour.

We will be updating this page regularly with “What’s Hanging” to let you know when we’re deboning pieces that we’re hanging so you can book to come and enjoy what we’ve got. We’re also able to tag whole pieces for your next function – which will be displayed for all your guests as they walk in. If you’re looking to serve your guests something special for your next group booking, please let our function team know and we can make arrangements.


50 Days Dry Aged Cape Grim “Galician” Rib Eye (Marble Score 4+)

Release Dates:

7 July – 9 July 

14 July – 16 July

21 July – 23 July

28 July – 30 July

450 grams with sides $65

450 grams with sides and a glass of Petaluma 2005 Shiraz $80

Add half a bottle of Petaluma 2005 Shiraz for $50